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Crow Silhouette by Moonlight


Magic and Mayhem


The Devil's Due
The Hellgate is opening. We're not ready.


The Goddess of Destruction

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When Addon finally enters the Goddess of Destruction's temple, Sachi's yearning for him is tempered only by her desire to see him live, rather than be consumed in the fire of her body.


Until they are called to the West, to fight a darkness that seeks to claim Sachi's destiny.


The journey will change them, and their world, forever.

Finding is the first book of

The Goddess of Destruction,

 a dark fantasy novella series

Coming July 31!

Golden Sparkles
Notebook and Pen

About me

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I grew up eating books for breakfast. I ate absolutely everything: Octavia Butler, Barbara Courtland, DH Lawrence, Robert Louis Stevenson, Mercedes Lackey, Piers Anthony... books are a joy, aren't they? I'd still rather read than do just about anything else. Check out my newsletter (subscribe above!) for what I'm reading (and writing) nowadays.

When I'm not writing or reading, I teach at a local university and glower at the exercise equipment in the basement, where I will someday work out.

But that day is not today, because my TBR list is long and the coffee is hot!

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