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Luna's Coven

The Cat: Not the first of Luna's coven to appear, but perhaps the first with a hint of mystery? Nobody knows where Cat Stephen came from or why he continuously finds Luna. Maybe he's just a very, very long-lived cat? Nahhh.

Pam: Pam is such a sweetheart. She's open-minded and open-hearted, falling in love with Nicki but able to appreciate Marlowe's beauty. Immediately drawn to Luna, and ready to be her BFF! Big willing suspension of disbelief. Great Hair. 

Nicki: Now, she's a bit of mystery, isn't she? Her academic speciality is queer theory, and she, herself, is queer. We don't really know too much about her, but we learn a few important things in Devil's in the Details.

Naasira: Bad-ass guardian and member of a mysterious Council. Is she on Luna's side or not?

William: William's kind of a sweetie, I think. He winds up dangerously tied to Anansi, a trickster originally from West Africa (don't tie yourself to a trickster!).

Faith: Faith always manages to pop up just when Luna needs her, guided by the spirits around her. She's a savvy business woman yet at the same time a free spirit with wild hair, numerous piercings, and a general distrust of demons. Go figure.

Cassandra: An undergraduate student at UConn, Cassie's more of a guide than a member of the coven. Like so many powerful prophets, she might be a little mad, or at least heading in that direction. Poor Cassie, with all those voices in her head... 

Sabrina: The perky perkster herself. Sorority Sue. She's smart, she's sweet, she's earnest. Why does it take Luna so long to warm up to her? Maybe it's because she's so nice - after all, it turns out Luna and niceness don't really go together as much as we might wish they did. Maybe she's just trying to protect her student from the magical chaos on campus. Or maybe it's something else. 

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