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Luna grew up at UConn then ran from it as fast as she could to go to school in Boston, because, well, UConn is sitting on a hellgate (I went to graduate school there and can confirm). But now she's back! 

UConn really is huge - the Storrs campus typically enrolls about 24,000 students a year and encompasses over 4,000 acres. At the beginning of the Fall semester it's truly like a small, self-contained city, with students, staff, and faculty bustling to their destinations, lots of construction, and plenty of traffic. And yes, the parking really, really is abysmal.

That willow tree that the students keep having sex under? It just got cut down a few years ago but before then it was indeed, rumored to be the oldest living thing on campus. It was beautiful.


Horsebarn Hill really is the highest point around. We used to sled down it when it snowed. 

The Storrs campus is in a rural area, and the surroundings are marked by crumbling stone walls. Perhaps they once marked property lines, or kept cattle in or out, or kept other, less wholesome things out...Luna loves those walls, and walking past them reminds her of Robert Frost's poem "Mending Wall", which inspired the title of a chapter in Deals with the Devil. 

And finally, just as Luna tells Marlowe, UConn really does have a nationally recognized Poultry Science program (it started out as an agricultural school, after all). You can buy eggs for eating as well as eggs for hatching there!

They specialize in single comb white leghorns.

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